Please join us for the opening of NC Artist Fellows: Escapes and Revelations.

*Photo above: Ann Barker, excerpt from Again, but this time with feeling, 2018.

Thursday, February 13, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | Main Gallery

NC Artist Fellows: Escapes and Revelations is an exhibition of the 21 different artists who received the 2018-2019 North Carolina Arts Council Artist Fellowship. This diverse group of visual artists, craftspeople, filmmakers, and choreographers come from all over the state of North Carolina and represent a huge swath of artistic practices and viewpoints. This exciting exhibition will allow visitors to explore a variety of media and discover new ways of experiencing art and technology, including immersive video, virtual reality goggles, and AI-generated gameplay.

There will be an introductory program in the auditorium at 6:15 pm, which will include remarks and a special screening of video works from the exhibition.

Artists in the exhibition:

Anna Barker (Choreography)

Endia Beal (Visual Art)

Kelly Creedon (Film/Video)

Duane Cyrus (Choreography)

Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy (Visual Art)

Rodrigo Dorfman (Film/Video)

Andrew Etheridge (Visual Art)

Seth Gould (Craft)

Sabine Gruffat (Visual Art)

Eric Knoche (Craft)

Susan Alta Martin (Visual Art)

Mario Marzán (Visual Art)

Rachel Meginnes (Craft)

Renzo Ortega (Visual Art)

André Silva (Film/Video)

Mariam Aziza Stephan (Visual Art)

Barbara Campbell Thomas (Visual Art)

Montana Torrey (Visual Art)

Kate Weare (Choreography)

Christina Lorena Weisner (Visual Art)