Enjoy lively entertainment from a local cast with original songs.

Sunday, September 25, 2022 @ 12:00 pm | McChesney Scott Dunn Auditorium

Damaged Woman's Blues is a mixed bag of a story with cryptic messages and meanings built into it. 

There's the "Friend" who has pretended to listen to the woes of another, while secretly using the information to write moving lyrics for her own body of work. There's the alcoholic living in the 90s who never transferred his mind out of the 70s due to lousy life experiences. We have a wife who is astutely aware of her husband's infidelities but chooses to stay because she's the "winner". Among these and more is the "Damaged Woman". Ill-equipped at sorting out her own self-esteem issues, she behaves according to what she thinks others expect of her. This medley of emotion lends to a blend of drama and comedy during a night in their small town. 

About Irma Taylor
Poet, Playwright, Producer

Irma M. Taylor began writing poetry yo sort out her thoughts during a separation and ultimate divorce. Little did she know that those little glimmers of hint into her mind would bring to fruition a live theatre performance. By placing dialogue between carefully arranged poems, she ended up with her first play, Damaged Woman's Blues