Portrait artist Anna Jarrell painted 100 portraits in 100 days to raise $13,000 for the COVID-19 response by Wake Forest Baptist Health.

On View September – November, 2020

The 100 Faces of Winston-Salem project was created by Anna Jarrell, a local portrait artist, who painted 100 people in Winston-Salem in 100 days. Originally planned to be a simple practice project, Jarrell soon realized it could be a fundraiser as well. The goal in selecting her subjects was to better know her community, and how they were doing during the time of isolation. The subjects are small business owners, activists, front-line doctors, immigrants, and volunteers doing major good in Winston-Salem. The project is designed to be a snapshot of life during the Covid-19 Pandemic.


The portraits are painted in the "alla prima" technique. A traditional oil portrait takes weeks to complete - base layers must dry before new layers of detail are added. The alla prima way is to capture the subject as quickly as possible in one sitting with no chance for revisions. Jarrell interviewed each subject about their life and work in Winston-Salem then took 5-10 photos of them (from a safe social distance). She took the photos back to the studio, sketched the subject on the canvas, and completed the portrait in about 4 hours. She released one portrait a day for 100 days from April 23- July 30, 2020 on Instagram.

100% of this project benefits the Wake Forest Baptist Health COVID-19 Response Fund, which supports areas of greatest need such as equipment and supplies to protect patients and health care employees, resources for patients to address care-related expenses, benefits for health care providers on the front line of patient care along with providing much needed funding for research in vaccines and Population Health.

The project raised over $13,000 on the front-end by taking sponsorships to paint local heroes and will raise money on the back-end as the portraits will be sold at the end of the project.


Anna Jarrell works in her sun filled studio in Winston-Salem, NC. She earned a Studio Art degree from Wake Forest University with a concentration in drawing. She has taught art in various settings from Sawtooth Center for the Arts to Arts for Life at Brenner Children's Hospital. Anna's main focus of study for the past few years has been portraiture. She married her high school sweetheart, Jesse, and they have an outgoing, six year-old son. 

Read more about the artist and her project in Wake Forest Magazine.


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