Winston-Salem artist Frank Campion presents a curated art exhibit and sale at SECCA with all proceeds benefiting the SECCA Exhibition Fund. Exhibit and sale runs December 1, 2017 - January 7, 2018

From 1975 to 1984, I was a successful starving artist in Boston. My work was selected for a number of important New England group shows including the Institute of Contemporary Art, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Danforth Museum and the Rose Art Museum. I also had several solo shows at the Clark Gallery and at Bridgewater State University. My work is represented in many private collections as well as a number of corporate and public collections including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

In 1984, I realized I would probably have to move to New York City to pursue my career. But deep in debt to the art store, feeling burned out, and living without a house, a car or a health plan made the idea of starting over seem impossible. After a year of introspection, I tabled the art world for a career in advertising.

30 years later in early retirement, on a promise and a whim, I picked up drawing pencils and began to work again not knowing if I would have the mojo, desire or even the interest to pursue the flame. It was really as if I had never stopped working and the desire to create art quickly took me over.

The Small Pieces in this show are among my first efforts at starting again. They are relatively small pieces made of other small pieces. They are primarily about the emotional content of color and texture and are intended to evoke personal associations and memories. The collages, in particular, provided the motivation for me to build a bigger studio – a place where I could paint again on a larger scale and basically, make a bigger mess. The mess continues.