We believe that learning is a lifelong practice. We encourage and facilitate learning with students, teachers and anyone who wants to learn more about contemporary art, performance and issues they illuminate.

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Pre-K to Grade 5

Looking for a fun place that inspires children? Young and middle grade children love to visit SECCA. They can view art, make art, read about art and explore the grounds. We are stroller friendly! 

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Grades 6-12

Having difficulty reaching adolescents? Contemporary art often resonates with teenagers because it is new, different and reflects their world. We offer museum retreats for middle school students and artist residencies to middle and high schools through our TIP program.

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Trying to make connections across disciplines? Viewing and discussing contemporary art provides moments of clarity about art, other subjects and the issues of our time.

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Leonardo da Vinci wrote, "Learning never exhausts the mind" and we want to give you many opportunities to learn at SECCA. From artists' talks to exhibition openings to art making workshops, we hope you will join us in exploring contemporary art. 

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Thank you for all you do for students. We offer SECCA as a sanctuary and inspiration for you and a place for you and your students to explore contemporary art and the issues of our time across curriculum. 

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Looking for information on an artist or exhibition? Most of our exhibition catalogs are available online. Our artists talks and panels are available through our YouTube channel.

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