Our Collective Actions 6th Grade Retreat explored biology, environmentalism, sustainability, activism and sacred objects through artworks featured in our exhibition, Collective Actions.

Collective Actions imagined and activated new forms of collectivity through arts and community action. 

This group show was a platform to bring together a range of artistic and participatory interventions that, in various ways, asked: what does collectivity look like today? What are its limitations? How can we further re-imagine and shape it? Who is "we"?

The project was action-driven and invited visitors to complete ACTIONS together with the artists, collectives, and other community members who were in residence in the gallery for periods of time throughout the course of the exhibition.

Exhibited artworks encompassed sculpture, performance, design studio work, and socially engaged public works.

Collective Actions Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans contain all of the resources necessary to use in any classroom - including images of the artwork, in-depth instructions, NC Common Core Standards, and proven tips and prompts to help use the lessons in the classroom.  

If you have any questions about how to use our lessons in the classroom please contact us at deborah.randolph@ncdcr.gov.