For Matter of Style, Paul Bright asked a number of people familiar with his work from the last ten years to respond to it in whatever way they chose. Their responses are collected here, and range from essays, to poems, to reflections – even other artworks created in dialogue with his. Their authors are also diverse; artists, scholars, poets, museum professionals, musicians, as well as others responding to the work from their own non-specialist interest. Many of the respondents have hyphenated professional identities that reflect their range of activity and thought.

For me, it has been hugely gratifying to have these contributors generously add what I feel is an illuminating dimension to Matter of Style.

– Paul Bright

The respondents are listed below.
Their contributions are followed by an essay by artist Paul Bright.

David Houston
Director, Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art

Ulrike Wiethaus

Jon Sappey

Katie Wolf

Vesna Pavlovic
Artist / Professor

Laura Mullen
Poet / William R. Kenan Jr. Chair in the Humanities, Wake Forest University

Cami Burruss
Artist / MD Resident

Gianni Cestari
Artist / Facilitator

Jay Buchanan
Poet / Performer / Scholar

Eric Juth
Artist / Educator

Thomas Frank
Professor Emeritus, Wake Forest University; Co-Editor, Journal of Black Mountain College Studies

Amy Catanzano
Poet / Professor

Adelaide Menzies
Floral Designer

Louis Goldstein
Pianist / Professor Emeritus, Wake Forest University

Marcus Keely
Design Thinker

Claudia Gross
Artist / Art Historian

Cora Fisher
Curator of Visual Art Programming, Brooklyn Public Library / former SECCA Curator of Contemporary Art

Laurent Estoppey
Musician-Composer (responding with a live musical performance)

Matter of Style
An Essay by Artist Paul Bright